Tom Mansfield is a poetry and rhyme performance artist and events curator. His series of ‘Forum’ events bring names as diverse as Marcus Du Sautoy, Marek Kukula, Ian Goldin and David McCandless to festival audiences, blending the arts with discussions and debate in philosophy, science, politics and culture.

Tom is co-founder of both The League of Pragmatic Optimists and the ‘Indigo Mind Project’, which translates the users’ mental states into music – simultaneously a new composition interface and meditation aid. You can read about both ‘LOPO’ and the ‘IMP’ on their respective pages His poetry is as diverse as his interests, providing commentary on, and provocations to act as we address the challenges of our age.




I want to fight modern pirates or be a skipper on a boat for a bit, be attacked by and kill a mountain lion, oversee the space elevator construction, manage a project for an off grid utopian eco palace in the desert, grow a mycelial computer brain into the soil that covers the earth and becomes its nervous sytem with interfaces everywhere and then it’ll be home sweet homeostasis in the rainbow laden future where Space Gods watch over arms crossed contentedly and smiling uncontrollably with their own creative purview and pointing me to the occasional boon like a black hole in my galactic soup that turns out to be the wellspring of Zen liquid which i can dally on the edges of allowing strands of ultra-spectral thread to waver out counter gravity wise and softly grope for my heart and brainstem to clasp them in the death hug of immortality and shining forevertude. When can i be tired from running light years over the back of a voluminous blue dog and still not have reached the head and ears into which i should whisper my dream, i’ll collapse and sigh and the great creature will yawn vicariously and wipe out the fantasies of fifty million people – so sad – but replace them all with a schematic of the divine plan plus purgatory assembly tips.


– (Space Gods)